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Taking dating seriously

We are So Serious about dating with our So Fabulous members on our So Private site.

So Serious

Our members are looking for something serious rather than a quick hookup, it's likely you've been a member of a big gay app like ------, ------ or tried a mainstream site like So GAY! is So different as we're focused for men like the apps but serious for dating like the sites.

So Fabulous

That's 'so gay' is a negative phrase but it shouldn't have to be.
  • He's so suave. He's so gay.
  • He's so sexy. He's so gay.
  • He's so confident. He's so gay.
  • He's so pasionate. He's so gay.

So Private

Have you used one of the 'Big' sites/apps that leak your GPS location every time you perform a search, doesn't approximate your location, exposing you to a triangulation attack or stores all your private pictures in a folder that anyone can access? Maybe they ask you to sign up via your social media account which allows anyone to perform an image search on your profile picture. The list goes on and on with 'Market Leaders' not respecting your privacy.

So Gay has been designed to keep your personal data to a minimum. We don't even ask your date of birth, just your age. You don't have to add a picture and every profile is on first names terms only.

So Personal

So GAY! was founded and created by David Minns, an award winning online dating entrepreneur who also created Butterfly, Dinky One and Big One, maybe you have heard of these sites? The site is so personal that David is actually typing this now. Hi there!

All members can contact me directly from the support button in the settings menu. Tell me what you like and most importantly what you don't like and I will try my upmost to make it happen for you! I don't think there are many dating sites that you can have a 1:1 chat with the founder and more importantly, a founder who listens.

So Join Today

Come and join So GAY! now and experience something different, a dating site who respects your privacy, who listens to your feedback, reacts quickly and is focused on serious dating with amazing people.