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Online safety

If a conversation turns ugly hit the report button. You can flag the other person as abusive and they will be blocked from contacting you again.

Don't leave the site
`I don't get the chance to login and check my messages, let's chat on email.` means, I'm a fake and I want to take you away from the safety of the site. Chat here and we can help protect you from scammers.

Never send anyone money
No genuine person will ever ask you for money. If someone does, block and report them right away.


Most dates go perfectly well but you should consider including these checklist items amongst your own safety procedures.

Find out who you're dating
Do a bit of research, find them on Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn. Check pictures, location and jobs match what you already know.

Tell a friend
Share the details of your date with a friend and get them to check up on you at a set time.

Use your own transport
Don't accept a lift from your date, make your own way there and back.

Take your phone
Don't forget to make your phone and remember to charge it!